This Friday is international Waffle Day, and to help you celebrate TRYP is serving up a list of some of the best spots to grab your favorite breakfast dish in NYC.  Whether you’re up at the crack of dawn or meeting up with some friends for some brunch or brinner, check out these delicious waffles from around the city and expand your breakfast plate into something adventurous.

Amy Ruth’s

Named after a mother of ten children, Amy Ruth’s knows how to satisfy a large appetite. With a dedicated waffle menu featuring over 14 different waffle selections, this popular Harlem diner pairs waffles with sides like smothered chicken or rib eye steak in order to create waffle meals that are hearty enough to constitute a full dinner. Try comfort food like never before and witness the most a waffle can be.

Beauty & Essex

More of a dessert than a meal, the red velvet waffles at Beauty & Essex are complimented by a cream cheese icing drizzled on right before being served. Cap off your next brunch at this traditionally tapas focused restaurant, or use this indulgent treat as the finish line for a waffle tour across the city.

Blue Smoke

Typically known for barbecue, Blue Smoke’s buttermilk waffle includes a swirl of ricotta in the batter that enhances the waffles texture and creates a perfect taste complement to the homemade butter and tangy Satsuma jam served on top. Steen’s cane syrup is also available at the table to give your waffle a distinctly Louisianan vibe.

Dirt Candy

Discover all that a carrot can do with the savory carrot waffle from the popular vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy. This delicious variation on the traditional waffle comes with pulled, pickled, and jerked carrot and is topped with a peanut mole sauce that ties together the various carrot flavors into a uniform and unique taste.

Lexington Brass

Start your evening early with a brass ale beer waffle from Lexington Brass, infused with a distinct hoppy flavor and served with warm bruleed bananas and a creamy cinnamon butter. Hoppy and fruity to the core, this sweet treat is the perfect way to get yourself going or cap off a great night.

Petite Abeille

Solving the age old dilemma of craving restaurant quality waffles but not wanting to get dressed to go out, Petite Abeille not only creates delicious gourmet waffles with whipped cream, fruit, and syrup or chocolate sauce toppings, it also offers delivery or pick up service.

Root and Bone

With delicious meals inspired by Southern tastes, Root & Bone takes portable breakfasts to a new level with their fried chicken and waffle sandwich. Pickled green tomato, and watercress also adorn this buckwheat and cheddar waffle and a whiskey maple syrup brings home the flavor for a new take on traditional Southern fare.

The Smith

If you’re looking for a different take on the traditional waffle, the Smith’s potato waffles are the way to go. Made from a shredded potato batter and topped with poached eggs and creamed spinach, these delicious creations offer a more savory flavor to this traditionally sweet breakfast favorite.

Waffles & Dinges

Contrary to its name, a meal at Waffles & Dinges is not something easily forgotten. Located in trucks across the city these delicious waffles are made to go and feature an expansive assortment of toppings ranging from sweets like Nutella and whipped cream to savory options like pulled pork and chili con carne.

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