Once a cliché stab at the typical hustle and bustle of New York life, food trucks have since evolved into a sophisticated and multifaceted part of the city’s expansive cuisine scene. Offering meals ranging from vegan burgers to delicious barbecue and falafels, the food trucks of New York have carved out a niche for themselves on street sides across the city and created a new form of fine dining that caters to the busy lifestyle of city dwellers while refusing to compromise on inventive and adventurous flavors.

The Cinnamon Snail

With an ever changing seasonal menu, the Cinnamon snail offers delicious vegan cuisine like smoked Portobello carpaccio or an ancho chili seitan burger. If you can find the roaming truck you’ll be sure to enjoy a delicious meal prepared by self-taught chef Adam Sobel.

Morris Truck

The grilled cheese sandwich has recently become something of an artisan food, with delicious new melt options popping up all over the country. For those looking for the best melt in the city, with locally sourced ingredients, the Morris Truck is serving street side. Try a fancy melt or a classic grilled cheese, paired best with a steaming cup of tomato bisque.

Souvlaki GR

As a two-time Vendy winner, this Greek food truck has more than proven itself. In fact, the truck’s popularity spawned a physical shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. These charcoal-grilled meat wraps pair best with tzatziki sauce and with a choice of chicken, beef, pork, and fresh vegetables, offer a healthier dining option along the streets of New York.

Taim Mobile

Originating from a popular Middle Eastern takeout shop, these falafels have gone mobile to better serve the streets of New York. Delicious Middle astern toppings like Yemeni hot sauce and Amba pickled mango chutney compliment these perfectly prepared falafels to create a unique flavor that can’t be matched by anything else in the city.

Korilla BBQ

Stalking the streets of New York with a recognizable orange and black tiger stripe patter, the Korilla BBQ trucks create and serve a delicious array of barbecue and sauce options for anyone looking to add a little bit of flavor to their day.

Nauti Mobile

Created by famed seafood chef Luke Holden of Luke’s Lobster fame, this nautical truck roams Midtown Manhattan and the Flatiron serving lobster rolls so fresh, you’ll forget you’re not in Maine. Also serving delicious staples like clam chowder, cape Cod chips, and Maine microbrews, this roaming truck brings the taste of New England directly to you.

El Olomega

There’s a delicious treat known around the streets of New York called pupusa. This corn cake stuffed with delicious fillers like cheese, chicken, or jalapenos, can be found at a few trucks throughout the city, but when it comes to pupusa, only the Salvadoran truck El Omega truly satisfies. With perfectly cooked cakes, delicious fillings, and toppings like salsa, pickled cabbage, or sour cream, this truck rises above the rest.

Kelvin Natural Slush Co.

Beat the summer heat with one of Kelvin’s delicious all-natural slushes. Blending together fruits with fresh flavors like green tea, spicy ginger, pomegranate seeds, and zesty ginger, these delicious smoothies will redefine what you consider a frozen beverage.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck

Forget all about the traditional ice cream trucks of your childhood, New York knows that the only vehicle worth stopping by for a frozen treat is Van Leeuwen. Using local hormone-free milk, elevated classic flavors like Tahitian vanilla utilize a special bourbon-and-Tahitian bean extract and sit alongside unique tastes like gianduja and Ceylon cinnamon.

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