Sushi in New York City has grown into a culture of its own, spawning countless restaurants citywide and attracting the attention of various world famous sushi chefs. The entire list of must-visit sushi bars and restaurants in the city is far too numerous to list, but we’ve managed to pull together some of our favorite spots to ensure your sushi experience in New York is of only the highest quality. If you’re used to ordering a California or Philly roll, this may not be the list for you, as New York’s best sushi is typically enjoyed omakase style, or chef’s choice. Simply pay the price, sit down, and let these acclaimed chefs introduce you to a new world of sushi.

15 East

 15 E. 15th St., New York, NY 10003
 Sushi with a side of schooling is the main feature of this notable downtown spot. Chef Masato Shimizu uses only the freshest high-quality seafood flown in directly from Japan to prepare his signature dishes all while explaining the best cuts of the fish with the assistance of books and fish anatomy charts. You won’t just enjoy your sushi, you’ll understand exactly what makes it so good.


 414 E 9th St, New York, NY, 10009

Created by Chef Toshio Tomita, who worked under acclaimed sushi master Nobu Matsuhisa, this tasting-menu-only style restaurant uses seasonal ingredients to create an omakase experience that ranges from traditional to inventive with the addition of modern dishes and appetizers.

Jewel Bako

239 E. 5th St, New York, NY 10003 While most sushi houses in the city require you to order omakase to experience the true potential of the restaurant, Jewel Bako is a welcome change where your table experience will be just as fulfilling as a seat at the bar. Sushi pro Yoshi Kousaka prepares imported rarities that never fail to delight no matter how you choose to experience this intimate sushi experience.


130 St. Marks Pl., New York, NY 10009

Presided over by 70 year old Norihiro Ishizaku, Kura has quickly become one of New York’s best new omakase houses, serving guests oversized bites of delicious sushi creations like marinated tuna with yam, or squid stuffed with seafood and rice.


10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center, 4th Floor New York, NY 10019

With a prixe fix menu to rival the best of them, Masa’s dining experience has certainly garnered a name for itself. Created by renowned sushi chef, Masa Takayama, this dining adventure combines the art of creation with fine dining, serving up perhaps the most memorable meal that will ever pass your lips. It’s up to you to decide whether the kobe-beef sukiyaki, foie gras, and shaved truffles are worth the $450 price tag, but you can go in knowing one thing for sure, Masa will be a meal you will never forget.

New York Sushi Ko

91 Clinton St., New York, NY 10002

Run by John Daley, a sushi veteran from the likes of Masa and 15 East, this unconventional sushi house provides an omakase experience so secretive photography and phones are banned while inside. Composed plates combine with blowtorch crisped sushi to create a new type of sushi meal that is unrivaled anywhere else in the city.


47 E. 12th St., New York, NY 10003

Rated one of New York’s most exciting new Japanese restaurants, Shuko turns the tables on the typical omakase offerings under the direction of Chef Nick Kim. Starting the offerings with marbled toro, sometimes referred to as the kobe beef of the sea, this innovative sushi house presents diners with an atypical approach to how they experience all that sushi has to offer.

Sushi of Gari

402 E. 78th St., New York, NY 10021

Originally gaining fame for his unusual pairings, Chef Masatoshi “Gari” Sugio has continued to draw fans and interest seekers alike to try his incredible and unexpected pairings. Gari continues to perform his tricks better than any in the business and his offerings like jalapeno-topped yellowtail are sure to delight newcomers and veterans alike time and time again.

Sushi Nakazawa

23 Commerce St., New York, NY 10014

Rated one of the best sushi spots in the entire country, Nakazawa certainly stands up to its name. Headed by acclaimed chef Daisuke Nakazawa, who trained under Jiro Ono, commonly recognized as the world’s most famous sushi chef, this omakase house is best experienced with a seat at the bar. Nakazawa offers a gleeful approach to sushi while remaining a consummate master of his craft, expertly pairing scallops and wasabi in perfect proportions in order to exact the optimal flavor from each of his creations.

Sushi Seki

365 West 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

The go to spot for late-night sushi, Seki is open until 2:30 am serving incredible dishes like yellowtail with jalapeno sauce. The sake-fueled atmosphere creates a fun experience under both the sun and moon and has attracted the attention of in-the-know locals and famous chefs like Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud. If the sushi house is too crowded, enjoy the atmosphere at the lower level Bar Seki and keep your sushi love swimming well into the night.

Sushi Yasuda

204 East 43rd St, New York, NY 10017

While the sushi house’s namesake Naomichi Yasuda returned to Tokyo five years ago, his apprentice Misturu Tamura has more than filled his master’s shoes. Rather than serve over the top combinations, Tamura focuses on perfecting simple creations like a baby purple squid brightened with shiso and wasabi. While straightforward, these creations have continued to draw fans and reservations remain hard to come by, but once you get in its well worth

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